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Moral Story: Bring back the basket

Once there was a young couple who lived with the husband’s father. This old man was very troublesome as he was always bad tempered and never stopped complaining.

Finally the couple decided to get rid of him. The man put his father in a large basket which he slung over his shoulder.

As he was preparing to leave the house the man’s son, a little boy aged ten asked, ‘Father, where are you taking grandfather?’

The man explained that he was going to leave him for a while out in the mountains to fend for himself.

The boy kept silent as he watched his father walking away and suddenly he shouted, ‘Father, don’t forget to bring the basket back.’

Surprised, the man stopped and asked the boy why?

The boy replied, ‘Well, I’ll need the basket to carry you away when you are old yourself.’

The man then quickly brought his father back to the house and ever since took care of him well and attended to all his father’s needs.