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Osho: Awakening kundalini

Question: How does one overcome the pull toward sex so that the kundalini can go upward?Energy has been going downward through the sex center continuously for many births, so when any energy is created it will first try to move downward. That is why meditation sometimes will create more sexuality

Buddhism: Watch Yourself

Q: If putting everything together in our bowls is important, why don’t you as a teacher do it yourself? Don’t you feel it is important for the teacher to set an example?A: Yes, it is true, a teacher should set an example for his disciples. I don’t mind that you

Buddhism: The way it is ~ Ajahn Sumedho

Eventually, you let go of all these things because they're not ends in themselves either, but they are like tools to be used. You learn to use these tools, and when you've finished you don't need to hang on to them.Signifying this, the Buddha referred to his teaching as a