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God is within us

And do you know? There is an ancient parable:IN THE BEGINNING, when God created the world, he used to live on the empty road. But then he became tired because people were continuously nagging him. In the middle of the night, the phone will start ringing... and complaints: "And why

Kalidas Story: You gave me bad luck

Kalidasa was a famous Sanskrit poet who lived in India during the third century A.D. As a young boy, he was poor and lived with his mother in small hut facing the king’s palace. Within the palace walls was a large orchard of mango trees. During the fruit season, the

Moral Story: Where is heaven and hell?

There was once a monk whose favorite subject for his preaching was ‘heaven and hell’. One of the devotees who was getting tired of listening to the monk’s constant repetition, one day stood up and asked: ‘Tell me where is this heaven and hell? If you cannot answer me, I

Moral Lesson: Mirror of the Mind

Boltan Hall has written the following lines:I looked at my brother with the microscope of criticism, And I said, ‘How coarse my brother is!’ I looked at him through the telescope of scorn, And I said, ‘How small my brother is!’ Then I looked in the mirror of truth, And I said, ‘How like me