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OSHO: God’s presence & Snake’s ear – An Analogy

I am reminded of one thing.In India, for thousands of years, the snake has been worshipped. There are snake charmers all over India who play a certain tune on a special kind of flute, and snakes start coming out of their holes almost intoxicated with the tune. They dance in

OSHO: Make your own rules

When I was a student in the university, just beside me two students were very much interested in playing cards, and once in a while they needed a partner.Three were there, they wanted one more and I was just easily available. But they were afraid to approach me.One day one

OSHO on Dr. Radhakrishnan, Professor to President, Teacher to Politician

It happened... Dr. Radhakrishnan was one of the presidents of India. Before he became a president he was a vice-chancellor, and before he became a vice-chancellor he was a professor. Because a professor, a teacher, had become the president, his birthday was celebrated all over India, particularly in religious institutions

OSHO as a Teacher in his Classroom

As far as my classroom is concerned, from the very first day I entered after the long summer vacations, my first thing was...Because in India the girls sit on one side, boys sit on another side, and in between there is a big space.My first thing was, "Just get mixed."They

OSHO on Meditation, Dhyan & Concentration

In the East we have another word, dhyan. It does not mean concentration, it does not mean contemplation, it does not mean meditation even. It means a state of no-mind. All those three are mind activities - whether you are concentrating, contemplating, or meditating, you are always objective. There is

Osho: Stop Judging & Start Accepting

Mulla Nasruddin used to come to his house, and every day there was trouble. His wife was suspicious -- as all wives are -- that he was having an affair with some other woman, because going out of the house he looked so happy and went so fast; coming home

Osho: How to sacrifice the ego?

It is impossible. The ego cannot be sacrificed because the ego exists not. The ego is just all idea: it has no substance in it. It is not something – it is just pure nothing. You give it reality by believing in it. You can withdraw belief and the reality

OSHO: Can a person meditating an hour a day gain enlightenment in this life?

BELOVED MASTER, CAN A PERSON MEDITATING AN HOUR A DAY GAIN ENLIGHTENMENT IN THIS LIFE? ----------------------------------It has been found by all the great meditators of the world that just forty-eight minutes, exactly forty eight minutes, are enough to make you enlightened. But to meditate for forty-eight minutes - I'm not even making