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Osho: Ambition is the greatest poison

Ambition is the greatest poison there is. It brings all other poisons in: greed, violence, competitiveness, struggle, a constant state of war with everybody else.It does not allow you any space for love to grow, and your real being flowers only with love. Ambition is against love. Anything that is

Osho: Nation & Religion are only a Fiction

All boundaries are absolute nonsense.Anything that divides man from man is inhuman, uncivilized, uncultured.But nobody asks whether nations are a fiction, and because you never ask you start believing in the reality of nations. Then arise questions of responsibility towards the nation. You even have to sacrifice your life

Osho on Gorakhnath

The great Hindi poet, Sumitranandan Pant, once asked me: who in the vast sky of Indian religion are the twelve people, who in my opinion are the brightest shining stars? I gave him this list: Krishna, Patanjali, Buddha, Mahavira, Nagarjuna, Shankara, Gorakh, Kabir, Nanak, Meera, Ramakrishna and Krishnamurti. Sumitranandan Pant

Osho on ‘How to meditate?’

When people come to me and they ask, "How to meditate?"I tell them, "There is no need to ask how to meditate, just ask how to remain unoccupied. Meditation happens spontaneously. Just ask how to remain unoccupied, that's all. That's the whole trick of meditation – how to remain unoccupied.

Osho on Frustration

BELOVED MASTER, I FEEL SO FRUSTRATED!So what! You must be responsible for it. If you don't want to feel frustrated then there is no need. You must be creating it. Nobody else is responsible; if you feel frustrated, you must be reaping the crop which you go on sowing.But

Osho on his Sannyas & Sannyasin

"Sannyas means courage more than anything else, because it is a declaration of your individuality, a declaration of freedom, a declaration that you will not be any more part of the mob madness, the mob psychology. It is a declaration that you are becoming universal; you will not belong to

Osho: My whole work is to confuse you

The questioner says, 'At times you seem to intend to confuse us'. No, you have not listened to me well. I am always confusing, not only at times. Confusion is my method.What I am trying to do by confusing you is to uproot you from your mind. I would not

Are you afraid of dying? Osho on Life and Death

Are you afraid of dying ? How can you be in love with life if you are against death?Death is destiny. It has to be so because it is the origin – you come from death and you go to death. Life is just a moment between two nothingnesses,