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Feeling Sad? Dance! Surprise your mind

Feeling sad ? Dance , or go and stand under the shower and see sadness disappearing from your body as the body heat disappears. Feel that with water showering on you, the sadness is being removed just as perspiration and dust is removed from your body. Try to put the mind in such

Osho on Religious Visions, Meditation & Sahasrar

QUESTION: WHAT HAPPENS TO RELIGIOUS VISIONS AND OTHER MANIFESTATIONS OF DEEP MEDITATION WHEN THE SAHASRAR OPENS?All these things will drop. All pictures will drop - visions, everything, will drop, because these things come only in the beginning. They are good signs, but they will drop away.Before the opening of the

Osho on his Nepal visit & World Tour

3 जनवरी, 1986 को काठमांडू एयरपोर्ट पर नई दिल्‍ली से आने वाली पहली उड़ान का इंतजार बड़े जोश-खरोश से चल रहा था। विशिष्‍ट व्‍यक्‍तियों के स्‍वागत की नेपाली परंपरा के अनुसार पानी से भरे 108 कलश एयरपोर्ट के आगमन द्वार से पार्किग एरिया तक दो क़तारों में लगे हुए थे—और

Osho: Searching a Master / गुरु की खोज

गुरु की खोज जितनी सरल और सहज हम समझते है। शायद उतनी आसान नहीं है। गुरु की खोज एक प्रतीक्षा है। और गुरु तुम्‍हें दिखाया नहीं जा सकता। कोई नहीं कह सकता, "यहां जाओ और तुम्‍हें तुम्‍हारा सद्गुरू मिल जायेगा।" तुम्‍हें खोजना होगा, तुम्‍हें कष्‍ट झेलना होगा, क्‍योंकि कष्‍ट झेलने

ओशो: जब कामवासना पकड़े तब क्या करें ?

जब कामवासना पकड़े , तब डरो मत। शांत होकर बैठ जाओ। जोर से श्वास को बाहर फेंको --उच्छवास।भीतर मत लो श्वास को। क्योंकि जैसे भी तुम भीतर गहरी श्वास को लोगे, भीतर जाती श्वास काम-ऊर्जा को नीचे की तरफ धकाती है। जब तुम्हें काम-वासना पकड़े, तब एक्सहेल करो। बाहर

Osho on the Existence of God

Questioning the existence of God is questioning the existence of existence. The existence of all other things is obvious, but this is not the case with God. And this is because he is existence himself. The power, the energy that exists in all things may also be apparent, but this

The 10 Commandments of OSHO

You have asked for my Ten Commandments. It's a difficult matter, because I am against any kind of commandment. Yet, just for the fun of it, I write:1. Never obey anyone's command unless it is coming from within you also.2. There is no God other than life itself.3. Truth is

Laughter Meditation Osho

When did you laugh last?In case you have forgotten, let me remind you that only human beings can laugh, no other species is endowed with this amazing capacity. What a great honor!Many laughter clubs have sprouted around the world and doctors advise it as a therapy, too. But laughter

God is within us

And do you know? There is an ancient parable:IN THE BEGINNING, when God created the world, he used to live on the empty road. But then he became tired because people were continuously nagging him. In the middle of the night, the phone will start ringing... and complaints: "And why