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Moral Story: Control sorrow by helping others

Once there was a doctor who founded a free clinic which opened once a week to attend to poor patients. On one such day, someone rushed in to the clinic with the news that the doctor’s youngest and favorite son had just died. Although deeply upset, the doctor reflected on the situation, and after having regained his composure, continued to attend to his patients.

People who came to know about this, were rather surprised at his seemingly callous behavior. When questioned, he explained thus: ‘My son is already dead and I am unable to assist him any more. But these poor needy patients who can’t even afford to pay for their treatment need my help more. I know I can do something for them. So is it not better for me to control my sorrow and help suffering mankind instead?’

Doing good to others is not a duty. It is a privilege, and it gives pleasure leading to better health and happiness. ~ Zoroaster ~