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Feeling Sad? Dance! Surprise your mind

Feeling sad ?
Dance , or go and stand under the shower
and see sadness disappearing from your body as the body heat disappears.
Feel that with water showering on you,
the sadness is being removed just as perspiration and dust is removed from your body.

Try to put the mind in such a situation
that it can not function in the old way.
Anything will do..

Infact all the techniques that have been developed through the centuries are nothing
but ways of trying to distract the mind from the old patterns.

For example; if you are feeling angry,
just take a few deep breaths.
Inhale deeply,exhale deeply – just for two minuts-
and then see where your anger is .
You confuse the mind ;it can not correlate.

So do anything – BUT never repeat it.
Just go on puzzling the mind everytime.
Be innovative…be imaginative.

Your partner says something and you feel angry..
and you have allways wanted to hit him or throw something at him.

This time change – go and hug him …and puzzle him also.
Your mind will be puzzled….he will be puzzled.
Suddenly things are no more the same.

Then you will see that the mind is a mechanism ;
how with the new it is simply at a loss,
that it can not cope with the new.

Be Realistic, Plan for a Miracle