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Osho: Ambition is the greatest poison

Ambition is the greatest poison there is. It brings all other poisons in: greed, violence, competitiveness, struggle, a constant state of war with everybody else.

It does not allow you any space for love to grow, and your real being flowers only with love. Ambition is against love. Anything that is against love is against you and your real life, your real destiny. And nothing kills love more than ambitiousness.

Ambition means you want to be ahead of others. Ambition depends on creating an inferiority complex in you. It creates an ill state of affairs; it depends on that.

Unless inferiority complex starts existing in you, unless you are full of it, ambition cannot function.

So each child has to be wounded in such a way that he starts feeling a deep inferiority: that others are superior and he has to surpass them, otherwise he is nobody. Each child is taught to create a name in the world, fame in the world. Each child is told, “The way you are is not right. You have to prove your mettle, you have to become somebody” – as if you are not anybody yet!

You are born with a certain flavor of your own, with a uniqueness, with an individuality. Nobody else is like you – nobody else has ever been like you – and nobody else will ever be like you.

But this truth is never told to you. You are told, “Become somebody”; as if you are nothing. So you have to become, you have to compete to become.

And of course then struggle starts, because everybody is told to become somebody, everybody is told to become the president or the prime minister.

Now how many people can be presidents and prime ministers?

Then naturally there arises a cut-throat competition. Everybody is against everybody else. Life becomes a war, a constant war. In this state there is no possibility of peace, love, silence, joy, celebration.

All is lost.

Tao: The Golden Gate, Vol 2