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OSHO as a Teacher in his Classroom

As far as my classroom is concerned, from the very first day I entered after the long summer vacations, my first thing was…

Because in India the girls sit on one side, boys sit on another side, and in between there is a big space.

My first thing was, “Just get mixed.”

They would look very embarrassed….
I said, “Just get up, and you can choose whomsoever you want, but get mixed!

I cannot tolerate this stupidity because this is the cause — you have to throw stones, you have to write letters…

What is the need?

Just sit next to each other, and if you want to say something, whisper.

Whisper — I can stop; I can give you time.
For fifteen minutes you do whatsoever you want to do.

I will keep my eyes closed and meditate, so that after fifteen minutes we can concentrate on the subject matter.

This is more primary.”
Students were very much afraid of me.

With hesitation they would mix up; still they would sit so that they would not touch each other. I said, “What nonsense — do you think each other untouchable?

Sit relaxed. And if you want to nudge the girl, or the girl wants to nudge you, it is perfectly okay; nature demands it.

And because you are prevented,
then you start ugly behavior.

Now, taking the air out of the girls’ bicycles — that I don’t think is natural!

That is sheer stupidity.

Harassing them on the road, saying ugly dirty words —
I don’t think that is right, nor is it worthy of you.

“If you want to say something, write a beautiful love letter. If you don’t know how to write,
I am here —

I am available.

Anybody, male or female, can come to the common room where I sit.

I will teach you how to write love letters.”

My class was the most silent class, and I told the vice-chancellor, “Sometime you can come and you can see —

Nobody is doing anything to anybody because they are allowed;

I accept it as my responsibility that they should be allowed to be as natural as possible.

The Invitation
Chapter #25
Chapter title: Just go and tell everybody
2 September 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium