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OSHO: Make your own rules

When I was a student in the university, just beside me two students were very much interested in playing cards, and once in a while they needed a partner.

Three were there, they wanted one more and I was just easily available. But they were afraid to approach me.

One day one of them knocked and he said, “We know that you are not interested in anything we are interested in. You don’t go to the movies, you don’t go to see the matches, you don’t want to meet people and share gossips about professors, who is flirting with who’s wife. You are different, we know, but we are in trouble. We are wanting to play, but one partner is missing.”

I said, “I can come, but the game will be according to my rules. I don’t follow anybody’s rules. Why I should follow?”

They said, “That is difficult. The rules are fixed; a particular game has its rules.”

I said, “It may have, but who decided it? I am ready to come….” They said, “Wait, we will have to think about it.”

They never came back. Once in a while, I used to walk in front of their room and I would ask, “Do you need a partner?” “We don’t want any partner, because we cannot understand you. And if you make the rules, you are going to win because we will not know what to do. We know the old rules and we play the game according to them, but if you make the rules, you are going to win.”

I said, “That’s clear. Whoever makes the rules, wins. That’s why I never accept anybody’s rules. I make my own rules.”

That is the trouble with the poor journalists. They have a certain game which they go on playing with politicians and priests.

And they can easily trap the president, the pope, or anybody. There is no problem in it, but they cannot trap me. I simply don’t play the game with the same accepted rules.

I have my own rules, and they cannot even learn my rules because I go on changing. So it is not that a journalist encountering me a few times will be able to trap me. Impossible.

Each time he comes he will find another man. And he will come prepared for the old man, who exists no more.

Osho, The Last Tesatament, Volume 2, Ch. 6