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Osho: Where is the nation? I have never come across it, except on the map

When I was a student in the university, it was made compulsory for every student that they should join army training. Otherwise they would not be given their postgraduate certificates. It was my last year in the university. I went to the vice-chancellor and told him, “It goes against my consciousness, it goes against my heart to learn anything destructive. And I refuse absolutely to join any training that you are providing for students. I don’t care whether you give me the certificate or not.”

He immediately said, “But don’t you feel any responsibility for your nation?”

I said, “Where is the nation? I have never come across it, except on the map.”

And I told him a story about two men sitting on the sea beach who suddenly began to beat each other, so a crowd gathered. They were somehow separated and the police came, they were arrested and taken to the court and the magistrate said, “I know you both. You have been known in the city as the best of friends. What happened?”

They both felt very ashamed and they looked at each other. “You tell him what happened,” and the other said, “Better you tell it.”

The magistrate said, “What can be such a secret that you are having so much difficulty in saying it?”

They said, “It is not a secret. It is simply so shameful that we don’t want to say it, but … if you insist, we will have to speak. We were sitting — we are great friends — just sitting on the beach, and this person, my friend, said that he is going to purchase a buffalo. I said, `Buffalo? But remember, she should not enter into my field. I am going to purchase a farm and if she enters into my farm, I will not tolerate your buffalo simply because you are my friend. I will kill your buffalo.’

“My friend said, ‘This is too much. Buffaloes are buffaloes. And I cannot follow my buffalo the whole day wherever she goes. She will go into your farm and I will see then who kills my buffalo. I will kill anybody who kills my buffalo. I will not remember that you are my friend. You are my enemy if you kill my buffalo.'”

And the thing came to such a point that the man who had made it clear that he would not tolerate the buffalo, made a square with his finger and said, “This is my farm. Now let us see where your buffalo is.” He does not have a farm yet, nor has the other any buffalo. Both are thinking to purchase. But the other said, “This is your farm,” and he brought his finger running across the farm saying, “This is my buffalo. Now do what you want to do.” And the fight started.

The magistrate said, “This is too much. Neither does he have the farm, nor do you have the buffalo. You should at least have waited.”

They said, “It was a hypothetical question, but we forgot that it was hypothetical. We became so hot. Please forgive us.”

We have all forgotten that many hypotheses are asking us to do things which we would never do in our senses, in our intelligence, in our consciousness.

OSHO : Sat Chit Anand, Chapter 30