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Osho: Nation & Religion are only a Fiction

All boundaries are absolute nonsense.

Anything that divides man from man is inhuman, uncivilized, uncultured.

But nobody asks whether nations are a fiction, and because you never ask you start believing in the reality of nations. Then arise questions of responsibility towards the nation. You even have to sacrifice your life for the nation which is a fiction.

No such thing exists anywhere, no India, no Germany, no Japan, no America. It is a single planet, one humanity.

But because of the fiction, people go on killing each other. Real people are killed for an unreal idea. Responsibility towards the nation has been the cause of all the wars.

If all those people who had gone to the wars had refused: “We are not going to kill anybody for a fiction and we are not going to be killed for a fiction,” there would have been no wars, no politicians.

The world would have been a peaceful, beautiful place to live in. For centuries we have done nothing else except fight, except kill. Our only profession seems to be war.

Sometimes we fight, and sometimes we prepare for a future fight. But all the time we are engaged in a single profession, that of murderers, because we have been taught a stupid idea: responsibility towards your nation, responsibility towards your religion.

All the religions have been teaching that your life is not more valuable than your religion. It is such a strange idea.

All these things should be for man, not vice versa. A religion exists to help man, not to destroy man.

But all religions have been destroying man, none has been helping.

They say, “It is your responsibility, if your religion is in trouble or if your religion is trying to conquer bigger territories, to acquire more people, it is your responsibility to sacrifice.”

Sat Chit Anand