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Moral Story: Talkative Friends

Once four intimate friends promised one another to observe seven days of silence in quiet meditation. On the first day all were silent, and the meditation went on as scheduled. But when night came, the oil-lamp they were using ran out of oil and started to flicker. A servant was

Osho Joke: Elephant and the mouse

An elephant was walking through the jungle when she suddenly heard a voice behind her. She turned around and saw a little mouse sitting on the ground. The mouse asked if she could give him a ride on her back and she said, “Sure, just crawl up.”Sometime later the elephant

Moral Story: We cannot please everybody

Once a man and his son were taking a donkey to the market.As they were walking, some people saw them and remarked, ‘Look at these fools, why don’t they ride the donkey?’The man heard this and asked the son to ride the donkey while he walked alongside.And

George Bernard Shaw Joke: My beauty and your brain

George Bernard Shaw was once approached by a seductive young actress who cooed him in his ear:- ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we got married and had a child with my beauty and your brains?’George Bernard Shaw who was hardly a handsome man replied: ‘My dear, that would be

Osho Joke: One has to be aware

The owner of a big furniture store went to New York to buy some stock, and met a really beautiful girl in the hotel elevator. But she was French, and they could not understand a word of each other’s language.So he took out a pencil and notebook and drew a