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OSHO on Kundalini, Meditation and Opening of Chakras

Q: Is it helpful to visualize and know what is happening during meditation – for example, the movement of kundalini and the opening of the chakras?There are chakras, but the number differs with each individual. One may have seven, one may have nine; one may have more, one may have

Osho on Opening of Sahasrar [Kundalini & Meditation]

QUESTION: HOW DOES ONE FEEL AFTER THE SAHASRAR BEGINS TO OPEN?After the sahasrar opens, there should be no feeling but inner silence and void. The feeling will be acute in the beginning - when you feel it for the first time it will be very acute - but the more

Osho: Awakening kundalini

Question: How does one overcome the pull toward sex so that the kundalini can go upward?Energy has been going downward through the sex center continuously for many births, so when any energy is created it will first try to move downward. That is why meditation sometimes will create more sexuality