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Are you afraid of dying? Osho on Life and Death

Are you afraid of dying ? How can you be in love with life if you are against death?Death is destiny. It has to be so because it is the origin – you come from death and you go to death. Life is just a moment between two nothingnesses,

The Secret – Law of Attraction – Get what you want in 3 simple steps

The Secret of getting what you want in 3 simple steps:1) Ask (Explain how do you want) 2) Answer (The Universe will rearrange itself) 3) Receive (Alignment with what you are asking for. Grab the opportunity)Some important secrets/tips for fulfilling your wishes in life:1) Stop focusing on your complain and problems. Feel

The Osho’s Way is always different

My own approach has been totally different. I began as an intellectual – not only in this life but in many lives. My whole work in many lives has been concerned with the intellect – refining the intellect, sharpening the intellect. In this life I began as an atheist with

A Love Story: Silent and one sided

A boy had cancer and he had one month to live.He used to love a girl working in a DVD shop. But he did not have to courage to tell her about his love.Everyday he went to the DVD shop and bought a DVD only to talk to

Is it Love? Signs when you are in love and when you aren’t

Below are some of the questions and answers to help you figure out if you are actually in TRUE LOVE or it's something else.Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing, And your voice caught within your chest? It isn't Love, it's Like.You can't keep your eyes or hands off