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Osho on Discipline

Osho speaks on Discipline on his discourse series give at Osho Commune, Pune, India during spring and summer of 1980 (Excerpted from the book "Walking in Zen Sitting in Zen").Osho, you say: Go beyond the mind. Do not listen to its chatter. Discipline it and make it a servant. Do

Osho Zen Story – Is that so?

The Zen Master hakuin was honored by his neighbours as on who led a pure life. One day it was discoverd that a beautiful girl who lived near hakuin was pregnant. The parents were very angry. At first the girl would not say who the father was, but after much

The Osho’s Way is always different

My own approach has been totally different. I began as an intellectual – not only in this life but in many lives. My whole work in many lives has been concerned with the intellect – refining the intellect, sharpening the intellect. In this life I began as an atheist with